I’ve made a small breakthrough…

For most people being able to run half a mile without stopping is not much of an achievement, but for me this is a big deal. This unfit girl (me) is actually doing this. I may be slow, I may not be able to run very far, but I’m pushing myself and trying to work hard to improve. I have 234 days and counting until the Silverstone Half Marathon. At the moment I am following my plan, but I’m not naive enough to think that it will all go to plan, but one thing I know for sure is that I won’t give up and I’ll keep pushing.

This week I went to the gym on Monday, on the exercise bike at home on Tuesday, the gym on Wednesday and the gym today. Here is what I managed to do:

Monday: 1.42 Miles treadmill walk/run – 32.07 mins

Tuesday: 10km exercise bike – 22.15 secs

Wednesday: 2 miles treadmill walk/run – 39.42 mins (walk 0.25 mil/run 0.5 mil/walk 0.25 mil/run 0.25 mil/walk 0.25 mil/run 0.25 mil/walk 0.25 mil)

Thursday: 1.55 miles treadmill walk/run – 30 mins (walk 0.25 mil/run 0.5 mil/walk 0.25 mil/run 0.25 mil/walk 0.30 mil)

Friday: day off!!

I am definitely looking forward to my day off tomorrow; Wednesday’s treadmill walk/run was tough but I did it, today’s was even harder. My legs felt heavy, my ankles hurt, my shins hurt and I just generally felt sluggish. i’m glad I did my walk/run but wish I could’ve done more. I think I possibly have end of term lurgy from the children, so I shall enjoy my rest day by having a lie in and snuggling up with a book.

I’m currently reading: Engage The Fall and Rise of Matt Hampson and cannot reccomend it enough. Matt Hampson is such an inspiring person, who never seems to stop and I think we could all take a leaf out of his book. His motto is Get Busy Living – and that is exactly what I intend to do! Hence my bonkers plan to run a half marathon next year, raising money for the Matt Hampson Foundation.

Good luck with your training and remember that you are doing amazingly.

K xx

I’m raising money for The Matt Hampson Foundation by taking part in 2016 adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. If you would like to sponsor me visit www.virginmoneygiving.com/KimberleyMiles

To find out more about the Matt Hampson Foundation please visit: http://matthampsonfoundation.org/

6 thoughts on “I’ve made a small breakthrough…

  1. You are doing great! Don’t worry about speed. It’s okay to be slow. I started running recently too and I can tell you that you will get better and it does get easier. Keep it up!


    • Hi, thank you so much for following my blog and for your kind words. I will try and keep things interesting – normally I post whatever comes out when I type (it’s not normally planned!) I am still very new to running, so I am learning along the way and trying to blog my way through it too! xx

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