The very first step…

Today I have taken the very first step on my journey to running the Silverstone Half Marathon on 13th March 2016. I am hoping that through my blog I can in some small way help to inspire people just like me to get up off the couch and get active, become fitter and healthier.

Taking that very first step is hard, believe me when I say that I would still have been sat on the couch if my mum hadn’t almost pushed me out of the door, but I am so glad she did.

I am doing this for me; I want to be fitter, I want to be able to run to the end of my road without being out of breath. I am now mentally in the ‘right’ place where I am doing this because I want to, not because of other people’s comments. I know that if I don’t do this for myself I will end up hating it and giving up and I don’t want to be a quitter anymore.

I have dusted off my trainers and wrestled myself into my sports bra, created an awesome playlist to workout to and taken that first step into the gym.

It is time for me to stop making excuses. It is time to make a change

At the time of posting this my weight is 91.7kg. This is how I currently look.image

K x


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