Running!!! This girl can (at the moment anyway…)


Hey lovelies,

I’m back with some fabulous news…

Well those of you who follow me on Twitter will already know, but I’m still really happy and excited.




Yes really. It has been way too long since my last run (in reality only a few weeks, although I haven’t run consistently since I completed the Birmingham half in October) but this run felt different. I had been talking to two of my amazing friends and they, along with the incredible runs from everyone at the Manchester Marathon, inspired me to out together a plan to include running and my classes (the best of both worlds).

My hip still isn’t 100% so I am being careful and looking after it. I have made friends with my foam roller and my tennis ball and have found my skins recovery tights to help with recovery. I’m also hoping I can fit in a sports massage if I start running longer distances.

I did my first run on Tuesday afternoon/early evening after I had finished work and had cuddles with my gorgeous nephew. I got myself ready, laced up my running shoes, remembered my hat because it was warm, put on my aftershokz and turned on my garmin. My garmin took ages to find a gps signal so I used this time to get moving. I had decided not to use virtual pacer on my watch and just run. On my plan my first run was 2.5 miles. I was going to run and see how far I got before I needed to slow down to a walk.

It felt so good to be out there, hard, but good. I set off running and had a quick glance at my watch and thought I was maybe going too fast but I stayed with it and just ran how I felt. My first mile was 12:02, I then started to feel a bit sick (this happens quite often once I’ve run a mile). I often think it’s just because my body has finally realised what I am doing! I kept going and didn’t feel like I needed to walk. I was singing to myself (in my head) and this really helped and I was smiling too. I managed to run the second mile even faster than the first mile ( I know I was shocked too!) 11:29. I then ran the last half a mile in 5:45.


I literally have no idea where this speed came from. From what I remember, this is a lot faster than I had run since September. And considering I had only run 7 times since October I wasn’t expecting to have any pace or fitness. I know it is only 2.5 miles and not a long run, but for me this is huge.

It appears that losing some weight, continuing to do strength work, incorporating hiit and circuit classes and doing some cardio work in step aerobics has all had an impact on my running. Changing the way I am eating also seemed to give me more energy on my run.

I felt amazing after my run. I then went and did my kettlercise class. It was a new programme and even tougher than the previous programme. Nicki our instructor sure does love to find new ways of challenging us. I don’t think I will be going up to a 10kg kettlebell anytime soon with this new programme. I stand with a group of people who have taken me under their wing and who I look forward to seeing each week because they make me laugh and we have so much fun whilst working hard. The way exercise should be… fun.

On Wednesday my hip hurt, it was like someone was stabbing me in the hip everytime I moved. Combined with doms I ended up practically waddling around work. I took some ibuprofen and used my cool gel. As the day went on, everything loosened up and ached/hurt a little less. I put on my recovery tights when I got home and did 20 minutes on the exercise bike before tea and then went to my pilates class.

On Thursday morning I woke up with inner thigh doms (which is possibly the worst kind of doms) but my hip felt ok. I had a 2 mile run on my plan and also a hiit class. I went for a run after I had eaten (and hoped that I wouldn’t feel too sick because of it). I have to say that this run felt even better than Tuesday’s run. It was so hot out there and I wished I had taken a drink (I will next time) as my mouth was really dry but I felt good. I didn’t feel sick after a mile, I felt amazing and determined and happy. I did my first mile in 11:44 and my second mile in 11:19. Which was even quicker than on Tuesday.


Hiit class after a 2 mile run was a killer. We did 4 lots of squats; wall squats, wall squats and pulse, zig zag wall squats and wall squat and hold. My legs were on fire. We also did shuttle runs and side steps and so many other things. I love hiit classes but they sure are tough. I think hiit classes appeal to me because you get to do lots of different exercises and work as hard as you want to. You can push yourself and challenge yourself.

I think back when I first started my running journey I would’ve been really reluctant to do any form of circuits or hiit class. I wouldn’t have felt confident enough, I wouldn’t have been able to push myself, I would have given up. But I have grown so much because of running, because of exercising, because of all of the support I have had and continue to have from my friends and everyone on Twitter, because I have gained so much more confidence in myself and my abilities, because I believe in myself and I now push myself to try new things, to be the best I can be, to take chances.

What I’m trying to say is… don’t be afraid to try new things, don’t be afraid to push yourself, challenge yourself, you never know what might happen.

Friday was supposed to be my rest day but I decided to go to a circuits class on Friday instead and have Saturday as my rest day instead of going to Step Aerobics. In circuits we worked in pairs and me and my friend Rachel pushed each other and kept each other going when we were finding it tough. We had a giggle too trying to hula hoop (experts we are not!) and I think during a few exercises we mouth FFS at each other haha! We sure worked hard!!

Saturday has been my rest day and I have to say I probably needed it more than I realise. I am so tired today (I forgot how tired running makes me feel). I did consider going on the exercise bike for 30-40 mins but I let the sensible side of my head take control today and for once listened. Rest days are so important; I just need to remember that.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is my third run of the week. My plan says 3 miles. I’m going to take it easy and see how it goes. I have run the same route for my two previous runs. It is possible the flattest route I could take so I think I will run the same route again. I may change it up next week but we shall see. I don’t want to push too hard too soon. I’m going to try and get out early before it gets too hot.

I’ll keep you posted on how my run goes in my next blog post.

On Thursday of next week it is the final session of the KSFL 12 week transformation programme and we have our final fitness test and measurements session. It will be interesting to see what the difference is between then and now. What I do know is that I feel completely different, I look different and I feel like I have much more energy. Look out for my next blog post to see how the final session goes.

I have next week off work as it is my birthday on Tuesday, so I am going to try and get my runs in early if the weather stays nice and I am definitely going to do a run on my birthday. I didn’t last year and I regretted it.


This girl is back running. This girl is happy.


Happy running lovelies


K x



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