Progress with KSFL and a new class I love!

Hi lovelies

I thought I had written this blog post last Sunday, but it appears that I wrote it “in my head” but didn’t translate it onto the screen. (There really is no hope for me!)

We are currently three weeks from the end of our KSFL transformation programme and I have to admit that I have been struggling with sticking to the foods we can and can’t have. I have been having some chocolate and a few Percy Pigs here and there. We have been told we need to stick to the foods we can have 80% of the time to see changes happening. It is also a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix diet. I know that I am not going to go through the rest of my life without eating chocolate or potatoes or Percy Pigs, and therefore if I do have some during these 12/13 weeks it’s ok. I am overall eating so much better than I ever have before and have so much more energy than before – especially when I go to my exercise classes in the evening after a day at work. I still feel tired and I am still not sleeping the whole night through, but I haven’t slept very well since I was about 15/16, so it isn’t going to be easy or quick to solve my sleep issues. I have noticed an improvement though and I’m not waking up as many times during the night, so for me that is a big win.

The big test will be when I am back running longer distances. I need to work out how I am going to fuel longer runs without using gels etc and also what I am going to eat pre and post runs/races. I will keep you posted on that when I get back to doing longer runs. The advice that I have been given is to eat more carbs (but not starchy carbs) the day before my run and refuel after a run with carbs.


An update on my progress. I was weighed again on 9th March but we didn’t do the fitness test. We have one final weigh in on 13th April and our last fitness test as well. I have a goal I would like to reach, but as long as I have made some positive changes I will be happy. As my friend Carl does for his races I have three goals:

  1. To lose a stone in weight during the 12 week programme and to lower my body fat percentage by 4%
  2. To lose a stone and a half and lower my body fat percentage by 6%
  3. to lose more than a stone and a half and to lower my body fat percentage by 8%

I will keep you posted with how I do! It is my birthday on 11th April (although not a big, special birthday) so hopefully that won’t hinder my progress!

So without further ado, here are my results from the 9th March:

19th January 16th February 9th March
Body fat 42.9% 40.4% 39.8%
Weight 13st 8lbs 13st 1lb 12st 10lb
Chest 111cm 105cm 104cm
Waist 100cm 98.5cm 94cm
Hips 116cm 112cm 110cm
Right thigh 65cm 64cm 62cm
Left thigh 64cm 62cm 61cm
Right arm 32.5cm 29.5cm 31cm
Left arm 32cm 31.5cm 31cm

The differences weren’t as big as they were for the previous weigh in, but I wasn’t disappointed at all. My waist for sure is much smaller and my trousers are too big! I am also no longer in the 13st weight range, which is huge for me. I haven’t been 12st something for quite a while. I actually felt quite emotional when I realised and when we were talking about our progress after our HIIT class. I think it was only then that it struck me how much of an impact this was having on my life, my health and how I feel. I know I keep saying it over and over, but for me this isn’t a quick fix. I don’t expect this to make everything better, I’m not expecting miracles and it sure isn’t easy. But it is definitely worth it. It is time for me to do what is right for me and do things that I enjoy.

In one of my other posts I wrote about going to Twickenham to watch England vs Scotland in the Six Nations. I had the best time on my own! And it was an incredible game to watch (a much better than my last trip to Twickenham when England lost to Australia in the Rugby World Cup in October 2015.) I didn’t let my eating plan detract from the amazing experience I had and I enjoyed 2 pints of beer and some fish and chips as well.

I know it’s not strictly about running, but here are some photos from the day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It’s also quite interesting to see how I have changed since my last trip to Twickenham in October 2015:

I think my face has changed quite a lot, even without me now having my glasses. Hard work and determination does pay off.

I am finding it hard to fit running in at the moment, I do an exercise class 5-6 times a week; step Monday night, Kettlercise Tuesday night, Pilates, Wednesday Night, HIIT Thursday night, Step Saturday and my new favourite class which is circuits either Friday night on Sunday morning.

Circuits on my new love; it gives me yet another way of pushing myself and doing different activities. I also love that we are never quite sure what we are going to be doing. On Sunday morning we split into two groups, group one did a body weight exercise (side plank, push ups, narrow arm push ups, v sit, roll ups etc) and group two did an exercise with weights (side lunge and chest press, curtsey squat and tricep kickbacks, single leg deadlift etc…) and then we would do a cardio activity in the middle using a step and then swap sides.

The week before we had 5 different stations and did a cardio exercise after each station exercise. I think it helps that we have such fab instructors who make it so much fun, challenge us, push us, but also adapt exercises if we have injuries. One week we did box jumps which I hadn’t done before but actually really loved and now want to be able to jump onto the red box!

Do you do any classes?

Which are your favourites and why?

As I’m writing this, I have just got in from Step aerobics – we worked so hard tonight. One of the combinations included squat jumps over the step. Nicki sure does like to challenge us and give us a mental workout too! We had new music to do step to as well which included Shape of you by Ed Sheeran. Everyone seemed to get a lift when that song came on and we were all flying around and over the step.

Tomorrow night I have kettlercise and it is the last week of the current set of 6 classes. I love kettlercise but I will be glad to go onto a new set of classes because this one has been extra hard and has included lots of shoulder exercises which I have found hard with having a tight, achey shoulder. It doesn’t mean that I don’t work hard, and I still very much enjoy it.

Pilates on Wednesday always signals that I’m over halfway through my week at work and leaves me feeling really calm and relaxed. It definitely isn’t an easy class though – we work hard in Pilates too. It also really helps to loosen up and stretch out my tight shoulder.

Thursday is HIIT class which is part of the KSFL course. We do something completely different each week, but we always do 4 lots of 6 (different) exercises. Last week we used the kettlebells and a step, we have also used weights, the big exercise balls, gliders (I think they are called) and our own bodyweight. We do 50 secs of exercise and 10 secs rest. After the first 6 exercises we get 10 secs rest. But then after set 2, and 3 we get 50 secs of rest and after set 4 we do a cool down and stretch. It may only be a 30 minute class but I have to admit I have ached in places I didn’t think I could ache after a HIIT class.

I think that all of these classes will have a positive impact on my running when I can work out how to fit it into my routine. I will keep you all posted with how my running is going. My arms, core and my legs feel so much stronger than before and I am excited to get even stronger as I continue on my journey.

Thank you all for reading!

Happy running and happy exercising




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