Still no running… time to focus on diet

Hi lovelies

It’s been a while since my last post again. I had been planning on updating my blog more regularly. But with not actually being able to run I wasn’t sure what I would really write about.

However, I have for the past 2 and a bit weeks been taking part in something called “Kick Start Fat Loss 12 week transformation” at the same place I do my exercise classes. It is based on cutting out certain types of food, eating lots of vegetables, finding out foods which suit/don’t suit you, resetting the hormones in your body, HIIT workouts and much more. Here is the website with more info on it…

Initially I wasn’t sure. It would mean completely changing the foods I eat, more cooking, more preparation, food shopping and I wasn’t sure it was for me. I also wasn’t sure I would see any results. I have been stuck at the same weight, slowly putting a few pounds back on with doing kettlercise. My arm was twisted and I signed up.

I had a slightly rocky start; I went to my friends house on day 3 and ate a blueberry muffin and a cup of tea; both of which are not in my food choices right now. I got home and posted in our group that I had had a slip up, and then cooked my evening meal and got straight back on track. It was my first real challenge; but slip ups happen and you know what it’s fine. Each day is a new beginning and so is each meal.

I am currently not having refined sugars (no sweets or chocolate), processed food, starchy carbs (like pasta/white rice/potatoes), dairy (no cheese, milk) and gluten (no bread etc…). There are so many foods I can have though and actually the only thing I appear to be struggling with is chocolate. I have had a couple of chocolates during the past 2 and a bit weeks, but instead of having a whole chocolate bar I would have a tiny bit. I have also found almond milk and raw cacao powder which I use in chocolate smoothies and to make “hot chocolate”. This on the whole seems to satisfy my chocolate desire.

I have found new foods that I like, I have cooked everything from scratch, I have found alternatives to foods that I would usually eat and I am not really missing anything; apart from things of convenience, such as bread to have toast with scrambled egg. The only thing I don’t really like is cooking with coconut oil, although I maybe need to try different coconut oils as the one I have has a very noticeable coconut taste.

The main difference is that I feel full and don’t need to eat between meals, I have more energy and don’t have that slump I sometimes used to get at work mid-morning and in the afternoon and I feel better in myself.

Whether I have lost any weight, body fat or inches I’m not sure; we weighed and measured ourselves on 19th January and our next measurement check-in is 16th February.

My measurements and weights made me feel a little sad to start with, but compared to where I was when I first started my journey in June 2015, my body shape is different, I have gained muscles in my legs and arms, strengthened my core (more work needed on that), I feel fitter and healthier and happier.

These are my measurements from 19th Jan 2017:

  • Body fat: 42.9%
  • Weight: 13st 8lbs
  • Chest: 111cm
  • Waist: 100cm
  • Hips: 116cm
  • Right thigh: 65cm
  • Left thigh: 64cm
  • Right arm: 32.5cm
  • Left arm: 32cm

I’m hoping to see a difference in some of these measurements, and I will make sure I write another blog post after our next measurements.

These are some photos I took 4 days before I started (they arent the best but you get the idea…

And these are some photos today…

I am still going to classes each week; Step aerobics, Pilates, Kettlercise and HIIT. The HIIT classes are part of the 12 week programme and boy do they hurt! We have done 3 so far and during each one I have been close to puking, but somehow carried on.

This weeks biggest challenge is choosing what to each when I am away from home for one night and will be eating my evening meal, breakfast and lunch out. But as long as I follow what I have been eating so far I should be fine… I can have steak, bacon, chicken, fish (no batter), lamb, eggs, vegetables, sweet potato fries and much more so I have a selection of things I can choose from. And if I slip up, it’s ok.

Please keep your fingers, toes, everything crossed for me; I am going for a run this week. My last run ended painfully and I’ve recently had sciatica. But I’m itching to get back out there with seeing how amazingly everyone is doing and all the races people are completing. I haven’t signed up for anything apart from a 24hr team race. We shall see how this run goes as to how the rest of the year will pan out running-wise.

I will keep you all updated for sure.

Keep running and keep smiling

K xx


12 thoughts on “Still no running… time to focus on diet

  1. You can definitely see a different already from the pictures! I really need to focus on my diet as injuries and illness are keeping me from running/exercises. Your pictures of the food are making my mouth water, so might have to try a similar method, next weeks meal plan is now in progress!

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    • Awww thank you for your comment.

      I had been avoiding looking at my diet because I thought just exercising would be enough. But it’s not and I feel much better for making the changes.

      If you search for ksfl on google you can find lots of recipes. I only tend to have rice/sweet potato a few times a week and the rest just have veg and meat. So many yummy things to eat.


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