Taper time…Swansea here I come

It is now less than a week until my second half marathon. Swansea.


I have mixed emotions right now, I’m excited but also very nervous and scared. I’m hoping that I can turn these nerves into a positive.

I did my last long run pre-swansea yesterday in the rain. You know that saying, there’s only so wet you can get… Well that was definitely true yesterday. I had put off going for a run most of the day. I was too tired, I had just eaten were just a couple of the excuses I was using. I decided to get myself ready in my running kit and head out. There was no real plan of where I was going to run. Just that I wanted to do at least 8 miles if possible.IMG_6087

I hadn’t even left the house and the rain had started. It was as if it knew I was just about to run. I put on my “waterproof” running jacket, filled my pocket with shot blocks, filled my water bottle up and headed out. My watch took so long to find a gps signal I started running before it found the signal. It was as if my watch wasn’t really feeling the run either.

The first mile felt ok, but I felt like I was fighting with my legs to try to go slower and keep to the pace I had set myself. That’s one of my problems in races, I set off too quickly and then find it hard to keep it up. By the end of 2 miles my body was pretty much saying let’s go home now. But something in my mind said let’s just do one more mile. So I carried on for another mile and found that I had gotten over the initial feelings of not wanting to be out there and my legs felt really good. I was running a route I hadn’t run before and just followed where my legs were going.

I had a shot block and some water every mile after I reached 5km and this seemed to help me keep up my energy and I even found some speed at one point (ok, speed for me!).

I was only 4 miles in and I was totally drenched, but I was roughly 2 miles from home,so carrying on running was my best option. A little (ok a lot of) rain doesn’t kill you, but soggy trainers and socks aren’t very comfortable!

I got back to where I had started my run and my watch said 5.5 miles. I was determined I wasn’t going to not reach 8 miles – I was already wet, I had already run 5.5 miles, another 2.5 miles would be fine. It was at this point that I started to feel tired and my legs started to ache. I would usually focus on my music and try to push through it or give in and start walking. But on this run I didn’t have my music, but I did have a determination to just keep running. I was also singing songs to myself (in my head) – Jess Glynne and Justin Timberlake featured heavily during my run.

By the time I got home from my 8 miles my running clothes were stuck to me! But I was so happy and proud. I had run the whole 8 miles (apart from crossing the roads – because I’m a total clutz and didn’t want to risk tripping on a busy road!)

My final long run before Swansea was a good one. Fingers crossed I can carry this with me on Sunday.

My plans for this week are slightly different to my “normal” week. I made the decision on Friday night that I wasn’t going to go to Step Aerobics on Saturday morning or tonight. Step makes my legs really achey and they are achey enough after my 8 miles! I am still going to go to Kettlebells on Tuesday and Pilates on Wednesday. I’m also going to try a couple of short runs too.

I am heading to Swansea on Saturday morning and stopping over on Saturday and Sunday night. This means that I will have chance to meet up with some really lovely people from the running community who I am lucky enough to call my friends. The plan is to get food on Saturday night and then go for food and a drink or two on Sunday too.Let’s just hope my legs still work on Sunday night! Hopefully I will remember to take some photos of us – no incriminating ones though!!

As I write this blog post I have DOMS in my legs – they were becoming increasingly achey and stiff all day at work. I shall be wearing my recovery skins all night, eating lots of pasta, drinking lots of water, foam rolling and rubbing my legs with magnesium oil. I may also do a few stretches as well.

Maybe this incline may explain my doms…


How do you prepare for a race? Do you have any rituals? Do you have a set plan you follow?

Happy running!


8 thoughts on “Taper time…Swansea here I come

  1. Ooof thats some good incline! Running on the flat will feel a breeze (I hope). Good luck for Sunday if I don’t see you. You got this. 🙂

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    • It didn’t feel quite as bad when I was running it, it just seemed to go on forever! The downhill part was amazing!

      I’m hoping the fact that most routes around here aren’t very flat will help on a flat route.

      Wishing you lots of luck too!! Come and say hi if you spot me! (I won’t have my glasses on so may not be able to spot people easily!)


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    • I am so sorry for the vey late reply! The week after Swansea was crazy and then I went on holiday for a week!

      I loved the Swansea Half – got a 23 min pb and ran 11 miles before I had to walk. So different to Silverstone.

      How did you find it?


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      • Aww thats awesome well done! I’m glad you enjoyed! I struggled a lot with it, but I was very undertrained. Just goes to show that there are always good runs and bad runs I guess x

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  2. Hi Kimberly, I wasn’t sure what DOMS was, so I did look it up. It would have been tough for you to run this half marathon with this muscle soreness and I sincerely hope it went okay.

    I don’t have a lot of race rituals. I guess the biggest one if I have a long race on the Saturday I will book the Friday off work. I have a very physical job, and on that Friday I don’t much do of anything. Rest, eat light and hydrate and have all my running gear laid out well in advance.

    Once again, I hope your race at Swansea went well. 🙂

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