2 weeks of the lurgy means 2 weeks of no running

Hello lovelies

I hope you are all well. I am (almost) recovered from my bout of the flu virus that has been doing the rounds. I thought I had avoided it but sadly that wasn’t to be.

If you read my last blog post, you might recall that I did my longest run of 9 miles, but found it really tough. It seems that my run was tough because of the flu bug – I became poorly the next day.

I didn’t run, I didn’t go to step, I didn’t even have the energy to go to Pilates. It was horrible. It came to the weekend and I felt even worse. No long run for me.

It wasn’t until last Wednesday that I started to feel better. I went to Pilates and it felt amazing just to be doing some type of exercise. Boy was I tired after that but I felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel and I might be back running soon.

On Saturday I found my kettlebell and weights. I was feeling much better and decided to make the most of a free day and do some strength training. I loved it! I did russian twists, kettlebell swings, squats, around the body pass, bent rows, deadlifts, figure of 8. I did 3 sets of 12 reps and felt really strong. I realised that I can’t count and do the exercise though – my brain can’t cope! I also held plank for 1 minute!! I’m not sure if I have ever held full plank for a minute. It seemed like it was much longer than a minute! My stomach was wobbling – I think I need to work on my core. (I can feel a plank challenge coming on – i’ll keep you posted).

Sunday morning came and I had been waiting for 2 weeks to run. Today was the day. Strangely, I felt really nervous. Nervous about running. I mean what a silly thing to be nervous about. All I had to do was put one step in front of the other, a little quicker than a walk. Simple. It took me most of the day before I convinced myself to finally pull on my running tights, do up my sports bra and put on my running top. And then it almost didn’t happen – it rained. But it was as if it knew that I needed this run, because it cleared up for long enough for me to go out warm up, run and cool down, before the heavens opened again.

That has to have been one of the toughest runs I have ever done. I say run – it was mostly run, a little walk and lots of stopping (sometimes to cross the road and mostly because I had to cough up phlegm – sorry that is probably too much information!) My legs felt amazing and with 2 weeks rest, both my hip and ankle pain have gone. (There is always a positive!)

My legs thought they belonged to someone who could run much quicker than me, my lungs did not. I ran the first mile in 11:09 – which for me is very quick. After that I had to walk for a little bit and started to run again. I decided that I would run as much as I could, but if I needed to walk, then that was fine. Afterall, I am still not fully recovered from the flu, so had to listen to my body. During mile 2 and 3 there were a few stops and at one point I thought I would just go home. But i carried on until I reached 5k.

My garmin tells me I ran a 5k PB by 1.33 minutes, but I’m not entirely convinced that it counts with the amount of stops I had. It does make me realise that my legs have some speed in them and if had been able to run all the way I may have smashed my PB.

After 2 weeks of not running it was good to get back out there. I’m going to try and recover enough to do a long run on Sunday.

My legs feel achey after my kettlebell workout and running, but I have used magnesium oil on them, so hopefully that will ease them. If you haven’t used it before, try it out. It’s really good.

It is 5 weeks today until Silverstone and my longest run to date is 9 miles. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to get under 3 hours, but I will give it everything.

I hope you have all had a good week of training. Let me know how you have got on. Also, which are your favourite exercises to work your core?

Thank you all for reading and commenting.

Happy running

K x

I’m raising money for The Matt Hampson Foundation by taking part in 2016 Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. If you would like to sponsor me visit http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/KimberleyMiles

To find out more about the Matt Hampson Foundation please visit: http://matthampsonfoundation.org/

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