A week of ups and downs…

Evening lovelies

Well reflecting back on this week is “interesting”. It started off well and then had a few bumps, but is ending on a high.

On Monday after work I received a text from my friend asking if I wanted to go it Step Aerobics. Having said no for a few weeks, I decided I would go, my legs had run 8 miles on Sunday, but didn’t ache as much as I thought they would. I loved it (as I always do) and just when my legs felt a little heavy, “I like to move it” came on and I found some more energy. It was brilliant, but I’m not sure my legs thanked me for going on Tuesday morning!!

I had a rest day on Tuesday (I think) my days seem to be all muddled up – it’s been a busy old week!

It was bitterly cold on Wednesday when i went for my run after work – i had 3 layers on! I had set myself a challenge of trying to beat my 5k pb. But when I realised quite how cold it was and how much harder it was to breathe, I was thinking after less than a mile a pb wasn’t going to happen, I was just going to run. I got home and realised that I had got exactly the same time as my 5k PB – got to be happy with that!!

I then went to pilates and this week I actually did ok with the balance exercises – i think my ankle may finally be getting a little stronger. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I did notice that some of the exercises we do where we are lay on our sides I can do better one side than the other! It’s only taken me a few months to realise. I really do think that pilates is helping my running.

I had another rest day on Thursday because by this point my legs felt so heavy. I was using magnesium oil on my legs and wearing my compression tights to sleep in. I don’t know how much either of them helped. But I was willing to try anything – I had a 4 mile run planned for Friday.

After a busy week at work, I got myself ready (reluctantly) for my 4 miles. I started to run and really wasn’t feeling it. I got to maybe a mile/mile and a half and had to stop because I was so close to puking. I didn’t feel good – I was really hot, but felt shivery too. I turned back and headed home and started to feel a little better, but had to be really careful running back through my village because there are some huge pot holes and not many street lights! and we all know how clumsy i am! I only ran 5k/3.13 miles, and not the 4 miles I had planned. I couldn’t run anymore – I had no energy.

I spent half an hour Friday night lay on the floor with my legs on the chair! Does anyone else seem to spend more time lying on the floor now they run than they ever used to? Or is it just me?


My legs felt a little better Saturday morning ready for step aerobics (9.30am – it definitely wakes me up!) although towards the end my legs were aching but I felt good – I always do after step. You always go home feeling incredible after one of Nicki’s classes – you can tell that she is doing what she loves and her energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment is definitely contagious.

Purple and pink combo for step (pretty sure I’m breathing in!)

I then looked after my favourite girl in the whole world – my 17 month old goddaughter. How do they have so much energy? I had covered roughly 3 miles in step in the morning and then crawling/running/chasing after my goddaughter and taking her to the park with my mum added on just under another mile! I was shattered, she was still going!

My evening meant a date with the foam roller, some more magnesium oil on my legs and putting my legs up the wall to try and get them feeling better for my long run on Sunday.


I woke up to a text from my friend asking if I fancied a morning run. She hadn’t been for a run with me (or any run) for a while, but she wants to start running again. I had my porridge and got myself ready – energy gels, water and phone (in case I got lost or needed to listen to music!) and headed out of the door. We ran the first mile – I was incredibly proud of my friend – she kept going and ran her first mile without stopping. How brilliant is that! and in 12:34 which isn’t that slow either. She carried on for another 0.6 miles and then turned to head back home as she wanted to do a 5k and I carried on running.

I had run parts of this route before (but the other way) and thought that there would be less tough uphill parts, as it seemed like I was always going uphill the other way. Boy I was wrong. This 9 mile run almost broke me. The uphill parts were just as bad – if not harder. I got to just under 5k distance and had to stop. I was running up a hill which just seemed to go on and on and I felt like I couldn’t run anymore. I managed to slow my breathing down and started running again and made it to 4 miles where I slowed to a walk to have an energy gel. I got to 4.5/5 miles and thats when the tears came. I was having a total meltdown and decided at that point that i didn’t want to run anymore and that I didn’t want to run a half marathon. I put on my music (until that point I hadn’t had my music on), put in my headphones and then realised how far I was from home. I then had a decision to make walk the 4/4.5 miles home or pull myself together and run home.

I had words with myself (along the lines of “come the F on”) and got myself running again. I gave myself a couple of walking breaks when I was taking the energy gels and had to stop a few times to let cars go past. I almost got run over by a horse lorry too! It wasn’t a great run, it was the toughest run i have ever had, and also my longest run to date. I still have no idea how I managed to get through it – it was definitely touch and go at times.

The amazing people who follow me on Twitter made me realise that it wasn’t bad to have walking breaks, that getting through 9 miles was pretty good and that even when things don’t feel good and you think they are bad, there are still positives to find. You all inspire me in different ways and I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words, comments and encouragement. My legs feel awful – they ache so bad and feel like lead, but it was all worth it.

It took me until I synced my garmin forerunner 15, to realise that despite my not so great run, I had knocked 25 seconds off my 10k pb! What the actual F? I am now only 30 seconds off a sub-1:20 10k pb.


So far in January I have run 50.86 miles, which is my highest monthly total, so I guess that explains why these legs feel like they are in need of a rest. I have already decided that I am not doing step tomorrow night, no matter how tempting it is!

I also have to share how proud I am of my big sister (who is hopefully reading this). She has started running again and is doing awesomely! We may even be running the Great North Run together – keep your fingers crossed for us!

How many miles/kilometres have you run this month? How are your legs feeling? Any ideas for getting rid of achey, heavy legs?

Thank you all for reading and commenting.

Happy running

K x

I’m raising money for The Matt Hampson Foundation by taking part in 2016 Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. If you would like to sponsor me visit http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/KimberleyMiles

To find out more about the Matt Hampson Foundation please visit: http://matthampsonfoundation.org/


9 thoughts on “A week of ups and downs…

  1. Awesome job this week? Just wondering how many miles you have on your shoes? It may be time for a new pair. Lead legs are always my clue to get some new shoes!

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