Inclines are not my friend…

Hello lovelies

I hope you are all well. This week has been an odd one for me. It started off with me not being able to go to step aerobics on Monday night because my hip flexor was sore and my legs were heavy and aching after my 7 mile run on Sunday.

My legs felt better on Tuesday, so I headed out for my 4 mile run after work. The plan was 2 miles away from home and turn around and then run the 2 miles back. Simple. It was so cold out there so I layered up and started my run. I felt strong and I was singing along to my music (even when I was running up the incline that seemed to go on forever!) I got to 2 miles and turned around to head for home. It was then that I was met with gusts of wind and it started to rain. My legs appeared to pick up speed when the rain started and I ran the next two miles quicker than the first two! I got home and I was drenched. The saying “you can only get so wet” is definitely true. My running tights were literally stuck to my legs. Who said running isn’t glamorous!

Wednesday came and I had a 3 mile run planned. But that didn’t happen. Over half of the children in my class at school had a flu bug and although I didn’t come down with it, I felt really tired and under the weather. I don’t think I had enough energy to even think about running, let alone actually doing any running. I did go to Pilates and I think the stretching and relaxing really helped me feel better.

I decided not to run on Thursday and Friday because I still wasn’t feeling 100% and felt a bit dizzy a few times when I stood up too quickly. It was very slippy on Friday as well and those of you that know me would agree that me and ice is not a good combination.

I did make it to Step Aerobics on Saturday morning and felt like I could have done another step class straight after. My legs felt great and I had a lot more energy than I had in the past few days. I only tripped up/over the step 3 times as well! I’m improving!

Sunday morning arrived and I had an 8 mile run planned – my longest ever run. I had sorted out my route – it looked such a long way on the map. I had made myself a new running playlist. I ate my porridge. I put on all my layers. And I finally headed out on my run. Boy it was cold out there. I may have looked completely ridiculous with my orange top, yellow top and pink top (yes 3 tops – did I say it was cold!!) and my bright turquoise running shoes along with my fleece lined headband, but I didn’t care. At least I was nice and warm!

The first mile of my run as always was way too fast. I had set my virtual pacer on my watch but for some reason couldn’t seem to slow down enough to stay on pace. I really need to try and start off slower because I don’t think it helps me in the later miles of my run. A definite thing to work on. Mile 2 felt awful – I have no idea why, but it is always mile two when I feel bad (unless i’m running up huge inclines). But I also know that I just need to get through it and I will feel better. The route I decided to take had so many uphill parts and long inclines that seemed to go on forever. I couldn’t have chosen a much tougher route I don’t think! But I kept plodding onwards; my watch beeping at me telling me I was too fast/too slow/on pace more often than not. In fact I don’t think I saw my first 3 mile times because it was displaying an ahead of pace or behind pace screen. so after 3 miles I wasn’t sure how I was doing compared to last week. It was around mile 3 that it started to briefly sleet (and I prayed to the weather Gods that it would stay dry for my run) and I could feel my sock rubbing against my toe. I just tried to put it out of my mind and carry on.

I kept going until around 4.5 miles and then had an energy gel. It definitely seemed to help because mile 5 and 6 were much quicker than the other miles (apart from mile 1) and I did feel like I had more to give. It went downhill (well uphill) from there. There were two really tough inclines in the last two miles and my legs felt like they were struggling. I just tried to keep them moving and kept singing along to my music to try to focus my mind on anything but my legs hurting. It worked until 7.25 miles when i was almost at the top of the last incline. It seemed to go on for miles and was really tough – I had to stop for 30 seconds because I really thought I was going to puke. Thankfully, I didn’t and got my legs moving again until I finally finished the 8 miles of my run.

Tough – very. But I did it! This girl who back in June/July couldn’t even run half a mile, ran 8 miles with tough inclines. That’s pretty awesome.

I got home peeled off my running socks and was faced with the biggest blister on my toe. I’m now contemplating whether to pop it or not. I knew my sock had been rubbing but I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad. It looks like I am in need of some new running socks!

My monthly total now stands at: 35.57 miles

That means I am only 10.58 miles from my highest monthly total and I have a 9 mile long run, two 3 mile runs and a 4 mile run planned for this week which should take me to 54.57 miles (all going well).

I am exhausted after that run and have really achy legs but I am making progress and feeling strong.

I hope you are all doing well and have managed to avoid the dreaded flu bugs going around.

Thank you all for reading and commenting.

Happy running

K x

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