The most amazing few days… 5k PB Friday, Rugby World Cup Saturday, 5k PB Sunday, Legs hate me Monday!

I haven’t written a blog post for over a week (I think) because I haven’t really had much to report. I’ve still been running, but I have had to cut down my runs from 4 times a week to 3 times a week. At the moment my legs can’t cope with running on two consecutive days – my ankle and calves hurt too much and I don’t want to be having any unnecessary injuries.

Last week I ran Monday night – I went to try out a running club. I wasn’t sure whether to go or not right up until I left the house. And even when I was driving there I was thinking what am I doing?! Going to something like that is totally out of my comfort zone. I’m quite shy when it comes to meeting new people, I find it hard to talk to them and feel like they are judging me. I know it is totally irrational, and I am getting better, but I was still really nervous to go. I was hoping that there would be a suitable group for me to run with, considering that I can run a 5k distance and I can run 5 miles too, but both quite slowly. Luckily there was a small group of just 4 of us plus the instructor doing a slow jog 5k (apparently!). We started off much quicker than I have run before and I felt ok, but didn’t feel like I could keep it up for too long. I want to push myself, but I also know when something is a step too far. We slowed down and were running at around 13 minutes per mile which is a little quicker than I normally run, it was a challenge but I was enjoying it. There were a few times that we had to stop to cross roads (a lot of roads) and we had to stop a few times running alongside the canal because it was pitch black! I didn’t run a PB, but I did enjoy it. I barely spoke to anyone though – not because they weren’t lovely (they were), I just felt awkward. They all looked like “proper runners” and I felt like an imposter. I’m not sure if I am going to go again. It sounds like I’m being negative, but it has nothing to do with the running club and everything to do with me and how I feel.

I didn’t have chance to run again until Friday night and I was having serious running withdrawal. If I could I would run everyday. Running is my happy. Running challenges me. Running has made me realise I am tough, I’m strong and I can achieve things. I have realised now though, that I have to listen to my legs and have rest days!

I went for a run with my friend on Friday. I had been looking forward to running all week, it had seemed like a really long week at work and I was really tired, but could think of nothing more that I wanted to do than run. My friend led us off again and we ended up running the first mile pretty quick (for me anyway!), we then walked a little and then ran again. I was trying to keep my pace the same as the first mile but with walking, my second mile time was a bit skewed. My friend decided to leave me to run on my own. I decided to carry on and do a 5k. It felt tough to get running again after walking but I was determined that I would run the last mile. The last part was all downhill so I decided to just run as fast as my legs would go for that last little bit, it felt good to be free. (that’s how I felt anyway). I wasn’t thinking about work, or the next day or anything but running. I got to 5k and then slowed to a walk. I thought I may be close to a PB after my mile times but it wasn’t until I got home and checked my watch that I realised I had in fact got a 5k PB – even though I had walked some of it! How I had managed that I don’t know. I had PB’d by 59 seconds. Almost a minute. What?! Where did that come from? To say I was happy is an understatement! Biggest smile ever.


Saturday was my “rest” day – but instead I walked almost 6 miles in total. But it was 100% worth it… I went to Twickenham to watch England vs Australia! I went on my own, had the best time ever (even though we lost) and I felt confident and happy being there on my own. Something that I wouldn’t have imagined when I booked my ticket last year. Running has changed me a lot. I even spoke to people – yes I know! When I told them I was on my own, they seemed shocked and it felt like they felt sorry for me. I hope they didn’t because it was amazing! Had the most incredible time and felt totally empowered and proud of myself for making sure I had a fab time!

I got about 4-5 hours sleep even though I was really tired, so by the time I went for a run after watching the football (should’ve gone when then football was on – what a complete shambles!) I didn’t know how much I had in the tank, but I was going out for a run and I was going to enjoy it. I had wanted to do a longer run, but the light was fading, so instead I changed my plans and did a 5k.

Pre-run selfie - excited to go running!
Pre-run selfie – excited to go running!

I had to deal with my shoelace coming undone (must remember to double tie them) and eating a fly (bleurghhhhh) which made me gag (so attractive) and my breathing didn’t feel great as I was running, but I tried to breathe deeply on the downhill to get my breathing back on track ready for uphill. I ran the first mile quicker than I have ever run a mile 12.01 mins (no wonder I was struggling to breath!) and tried to carry on with that pace. I couldn’t quite keep it up, but I did run the next 2 miles under 13 minutes each mile. So really pleased with that! Added together I ended up with a new sub-40 minute 5k PB! I ran a 5k in 39.02 mins a whole 2 mins and 45 seconds quicker than Friday.

IMG_4155 IMG_4153 IMG_4152

Wow! Just wow!

It was tough at times, I was struggling to keep going and had to dig deep just to keep my legs going when everything was screaming at me to stop. I just remembered all of the amazing comments and support that I have and tried to smile when it got hard!

I’m definitely getting stronger, and pushing harder because I want to improve and I want to totally smash my 10k race with Andy. I have a time in mind for that which I shall share closer to the race, but I am feeling confident about achieving it.

This girl is pretty awesome. There is no stopping her now. She is happy, is starting to believe in herself and is achieving amazing things with her running. This girl is me.

As I am writing this my legs absolutely hate me! They ached last night, but since I woke up walking has been painful! There isn’t a part of my legs that doesn’t hurt. It made walking very slow today. My friend asked if I wanted to go for a run today. The mind wanted to, the legs said absolutely no chance at all. The legs won tonight. I’m hoping they forgive me by tomorrow so I can have a Tuesday runday!

Thank you for reading and commenting and for all of the support that you give me.

Happy running

K x

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8 thoughts on “The most amazing few days… 5k PB Friday, Rugby World Cup Saturday, 5k PB Sunday, Legs hate me Monday!

  1. What a brilliant week! Huge congratulations on those PBs. 🙂
    I love the fact that you went to the rugby on your own and had a blast! I’m not one for groups either and have often thought about joining a running club (because other people say I should) but never got around to it (because really I just love running on my own), so it’s nice to hear I’m not alone on the whole running club thing.
    Have a great week! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! After a long week at work those few days were amazing!

      It was amazing – I sang my heart out, I cheered, drank beer and didn’t care I was on my own like I would have a few years ago.

      The running club was good and the people were friendly but it was so far out of my comfort zone it wasn’t as enjoyable to run as normal. I may still go back but maybe when I can run at a quicker pace because there were very few slower groups.

      I have to admit though I do just love running on my own, with my watch and sometimes my music or running with my friend so we can have a gossip and catch up.

      For me the main thing is being happy when I run, and running making me happy. And if running club isn’t for me then that’s fine.

      Thank you for commenting lovely. You have a great week too xx

      Liked by 1 person

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