Friday distance PB. Sunday runday…with a friend. My fastest ever mile. Injured.

Being back at school (work) means less time for writing my blog, so please accept my apologies for this being so late in the week!

My running has been going well recently and last Friday I ran my first ever 5k without walking. I set off a little slower than I had been and used the virtual pacer option on my Garmin Forerunner 15 (finally worked out how to set it up properly!). I was feeling good and just wanted to go out there and see how far I could run. I had been at school all day, but I was determined to give my all on my run and see what happened. And right from the start I was like a woman on a mission. I was enjoying my evening run (even though it was starting to get dark). My legs didn’t feel heavy; i felt strong (but my breathing wasn’t great) and I just kept going and digging deep. before I knew it I was almost at 5k and just had to get there. There was something in me that kept saying, “don’t give up”, “not much further”, ” you are strong”. It helped that one of my favourite songs came on just as I was starting to think I couldn’t keep going.

I was incredibly proud that I had somehow managed to run the whole way – something I hadn’t managed before. And added to that I maintained a fairly consistent pace over the three miles which is something I was quite conscious of trying to do in my runs, as I tend to go off too fast and then slow down. 
IMG_3913 IMG_3763

Shocked? Yes. Proud? Yes. Overwhelmed? Totally.

Saturday’s run wasn’t as good. It was so hot outside and I managed 2 miles before I had to head back home. I hadn’t taken any water with me, had a really dry mouth and was so hot I didn’t and probably couldn’t have run much further. Looking back I shouldn’t have gone out when I did, but you live and learn and I’m still very much a beginner and learning each time I run. 

Learning not only about all things running, but about myself and each thing I learn about myself is amazing. I mean I wouldn’t have been that mentally strong to push through and run a whole 5k a few weeks ago and that’s a big thing I’ve learned – I am strong in body and mind, but I’m also still a work in progress. Changing for the better each and every day, but still being me.

Sunday should have been a rest day for me, meaning no running. My friend (R) text me and asked if she could run with me. I never run with anyone else and usually listen to music. Of course, those of you who have read my blog for a while know how much I love running, so I obviously said yes! I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to run, or a chance to run with my friend.

Even though she’s doesn’t really run herself, R always asks how my running is going and is always proud of what I achieve. She is trying to do couch to 5 but finding it hard to fit it in with working and a 13 month old (my gorgeous goddaughter). As it was supposed to be my rest day the plan was to do a gentle run, enjoy it and have fun.

R led us off on our run and we set off at a pace of around 12 minutes per mile (a pace that I’m not sure I have ever run before!) I was using my watch to track our distance and pace. We reached about half a mile and I was feeling good despite the pace, but R walked for a little bit and then ran to catch up. I ran the whole mile in a time of 12.40 mins – my fastest ever mile! (where that came from I will never know!) I’m pretty sure I was inspired by Viv, Danielle, BoudicaBlues and so many others who had done so amazingly with their half marathons at The Great North Run and Bristol. I was so incredibly proud of them all.


We then walked for a little bit and then ran some more together. R asked me to lead us off at the pace that I normally run and we were able to chat as we were running rather than gasping for breath (me!). We alternated between walk and run and then R asked how far a 5k was and I told her. She wanted to carry on and do a 5k. so we did.

I led us off for the last mile and R was determined she was going to run the whole of the last mile. She dug deep, she kept going and she ran the whole last mile. She definitely kept me going when the last 0.2 miles was hard. I was so proud of her, she definitely inspired me with her gutsiness.

And it can’t have been too bad because she asked to go running with me again!

It was strange running with someone else, but good strange. It was nice to be able to chat along the way and the miles seemed to go quicker too. We will definitely run together again. Maybe I’ll convince her to do a race with me at some point!

I tweeted about my run with my friend and received some messages saying that I inspire and motivate people. That was totally overwhelming. I never think of myself as being inspiring. I’m just me. A girl who has fallen in love with running, who has met some incredible people through running, and is blogging and tweeting her journey.

I had a total rest on Monday. I think it was definitely deserved! Although I did walk a good few miles at work! But definitely no running. Tuesday after school arrived and I was eager to run. I ran a mile and felt a twinge in my calf. Stupidly i thought I could walk it off. How wrong I was. I walked for another mile and barely made it back to the house. My calf hurt, my shin hurt, my ankle hurt, my achilles hurt, my big toe hurt and my heel hurt. I was feeling really sorry for myself. I just wanted to run. 

I have no idea what it could be but I am putting myself on a running rest until at least Friday, if not the weekend, in the hope that whatever it is recovers by then.

I hate not being able to run. But I know that this is for the best.

It’s funny how odd it feels to not run and how much I’ve realised it impacts on my mood! Running definitely makes me happy, but when I can’t run the special people I have the privilege of talking to and getting to know on twitter, my non-running friends and my family put huge smiles on my face too.
Stay amazing you lovely people. Be proud of everything you achieve, no matter how small you think it might be. Celebrate you and always be you.

You are enough…

…and I now know that I am enough.

Thank you for reading and commenting.

Happy running

K x

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