Twitter support is amazing, I did 1.5 miles and I hate running in the heat!

So you are all probably aware that I went to Paris – I didn’t go on about it too much did I?

Well during my trip to Paris I decided that I wanted my next run to be 1.5 miles – the furthest I have ever run (and I mean ever!) I’m not even sure I ran 1.5 miles when I was at school doing cross-country – in fact I know I didn’t. I was always at the back not even trying because I hated running, not just a little bit – a lot! At that time there wasn’t much that I disliked more than running, apart from maybe hockey – girls can be vicious with hockey sticks! But I’m going off topic.

I had been tweeting whilst in Paris and was talking lots to the lovely Andy (follow him on twitter if you don’t already!) who is very knowledgeable and supportive. I had told him of my plan to try and run 1.5 miles and he thought that I could totally do it. Unbeknownst to me Andy sent out a very lovely tweet (see below) asking people to send me some support and love because I was going to be attempting to run 1.5 miles the following morning – the furthest I had run before. He did this as I was en route to the airport coming home, so when i was able to connect to the airport wifi I had so many amazing, lovely, supportive tweets which was so unexpected. My Twitter feed literally wend mad – in a good way. I favourited all of the amazing messages so I can look back on them when I need a boost. I was at in Charles de Gaulle airport feeling very overwhelmed, eating fruit pastilles and trying not to cry! It was one of the loveliest things someone has done for me.


Fast forward to Tuesday morning and I was feeling really positive (who wouldn’t after the amazing Twitter support) but also a little nervous as I wasn’t sure how my body would react after all of the walking we did and not having been for a run in a week.

I remembered the advice from Twitter about distance not speed and set off slower than I normally have been as I wanted to be able to get to 1.5 miles of running without stopping. I think I made it to just over a mile and was finding it tough so walked for about 10 seconds. I then had a silent word with myself and said you can do it and started to run again. I had to do this twice more but I made it to 1.5 miles. Ok so I didn’t run the whole way, but I was pretty amazed and proud that I had done 1.5 miles with only three 10 second walk breaks. Pretty amazing for a girl who used to hate running!

I was on a total runners high after that. There is nothing quite like that feeling you get after a run. Ok so I feel very hot and sweaty, tired, and hungry but I also after a sit down and reflection feel very proud of what I have achieved and think I am actually a runner. I do enjoy running and I’m making progress. I had a huge smile on my face yesterday!

Today was another story, I woke up later than normal when I plan to go for a run and had to drag myself out of bed as I felt tired. But I was determined I was going out for a run today! The sun was shining but I wasn’t quite prepared for how hot it was out there already at 8am! I started off too fast and then found it hard to slow down and get into a rhythm. I ended up doing just 1 mile and had to have a few stops on the way. I wanted to run but I couldn’t – I’m not sure if it was more mind over body or I was just tired but running was really hard. I had to fight for every stride. I felt disappointed afterwards, but upon reflection I got out there and ran. I learned a very valuable lesson of not going out too fast. And also to take conditions into account.

It is good to be back in my running shoes though!

Happy running everyone.

Thank you for all of your lovely comments on Twitter and on my blog posts. I read every single thing that people write to me. The support, encouragement and advice I have received is incredible. You are all totally amazing.

Until next time

K xx

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14 thoughts on “Twitter support is amazing, I did 1.5 miles and I hate running in the heat!

    • Thank you! I feel like I’m now making some progress! And I’ve fallen in lovely with running too! It was incredible. I think I had been without wifi for maybe an hour an a half and I had so many messages. I didn’t quite know why at first either! It was just amazing how lovely people were. Xx

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  1. Yay! Well done, 1.5 miles is a great achievement when you consider you’ve only started running in the master couple of weeks.. I went out at 6am and was struggling with the heat then…I could tell it was going to be hot one.. Sometimes I see people running I the evening when it’s like 24 degrees or something..I have no idea how they can do it.. running in heat is not for me!!

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    • Thank you! Today was awful!! I’m not good in the heat either! I get really hot when I run anyway so today with the sun on my face it felt like my face was on fire! It feels like I’m really making progress now. And you are doing amazingly with your new pb! Xx


  2. Every new distance feels amazing! Great job!

    I can still remember running that first mile without stopping. It was awesome.

    And although I can run about 5 or so without walking, this summer I decided to do run/walk intervals. Which so far seem to be working out well for me.

    Great job!

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