Paris was amazing – no runs but i did walk 36.7 miles!

I went to Paris for 5 days and had the most amazing time! I packed my running shoes and clothes and was hoping to go out for at least 1 run when I was there. However, my legs had other ideas – after walking for several hours around Paris seeing the sights (and walking up what seemed endless steps!) and shopping my calves were so tight that running just wasn’t an option. I’m pretty sure it was walking up the steps to the top of the Arc de Triomphe! They seemed like they were never ending!!

IMG_0072 IMG_0093 IMG_0152 IMG_0259IMG_0297

I wore my Garmin Forerunner 15 each day and over the 5 days I walked 36.7 miles (an average of 7.34 miles per day) – no wonder my legs felt like they were ready to give up!

Thankfully I had remembered to take my compression socks! I put them on most nights for a few hours and they did help to ease my tight calves a little. Whoever invented them is a total genius. I wore them for a few hours on Sunday night to try and get my calves into some kind of shape to go for a run on Tuesday morning when I got home. I’m happy to say that they totally worked.

I have to admit I was really shocked to feel disappointed at not being able to go for a run! I think i have definitely been bitten by the running bug.

I shall write another blog post very soon (hopefully tomorrow) about my running this week.

Happy running everyone!

K x

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9 thoughts on “Paris was amazing – no runs but i did walk 36.7 miles!

  1. We didn’t go up the Arc D’Triump when we were there. Or the Eiffel Tower. We did see both.

    I took a walking tour of Montmarte & that took us to Sacre Couer, but not so that we had to walk up those steps . . . I walked down them, tho.

    Compression socks are great for travel!

    Paris was before I was a runner, before I lost the weight, and I ate like a pig. πŸ™‚ Don’t regret that, either, but I do wish I’d been a runner when I visited.


    • We didn’t go up the Eiffel Tower this time, but the Arc de Triomphe was fab. It didn’t look that tall but the steps definitely hurt my legs!! Sacre Coeur is stunning – we managed to avoid most of the steps there, but we had to tackle lots of steps to get out of the metro instead!!

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    • Thank you! I’m glad I kept a check on how much we covered because I’m sure we wouldn’t have thought we would cover so many miles. Especially when we also used the metro on 3 days!

      I can see that it has had an effect on my running already and I think it has made my calves stronger too.

      Thank you very much, Happy Running x


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