The proud owner of these beauties…

…otherwise know as the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15.

my beauties!
my beauties!

Today I went to Run Stuff in Evesham to have gait analysis done. There were a few technical hitches along the way, but Sam was so helpful and explained about under and over pronation. I had a feeling that I could possibly be an over pronator and my barefoot run on the treadmill confirmed this. I tend to over pronate more so with my right foot than my left foot, which I was shown on a slowed down video.

I was then able to try on a few different running shoes; Asics Gel-1000 4, Asics GT 2000 3 and the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15. I loved the colour of the Asics Gel-1000 4, but sadly they felt too tight for my wide feet (I felt like crying – I hadn’t seen the other running shoes yet!), I then tried on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 which felt soo comfortable (and looked so pretty too!), then I tried on the Asics GT 2000 3, which also felt comfortable, just not as nice as the Brooks.

I could feel such a difference just putting the Brooks running shoes on compared to my Skechers Go run running shoes. They felt so much more supportive and comfortable, they also gave my wide feet more than enough room.

I took the Brooks out for a run this afternoon and I am pleased to report back that I am in love! They are so comfortable and my feet didn’t hurt when I had finished my run!

Here I am pre-run rocking my beauties and my pink socks!
Here I am pre-run rocking my beauties and my pink socks!

I’m excited about taking these Brooks out on my half marathon training journey, pounding the pavements and increasing the distances I can run and improving on my times.

If you are new to running I would definitely recommend going and having gait analysis done – it really can make a big difference and can ensure you are wearing shoes that support your running. And if you live in Worcestershire, I would definitely recommend Run Stuff in Evesham.

What running shoes do you wear? Have you had gait analysis done?

Happy running 🙂

K x

9 thoughts on “The proud owner of these beauties…

    • My Brooks feel the same, I’m excited about running in them! I love my pink socks too – I’m going to get some more I think, and then maybe some black with white and red on to match my running vest for silverstone 🙂 x


  1. Love your new shoes! I just got some too. Doesn’t it feel nice to run the first time in new shoes? It makes you realize how worn out the old ones were!

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  2. I love them!! My last two pairs of trainers are both Brooks and, after today’s run, I’ve decided to treat myself to some more running shoes. My knees were a little sore at times so I want my gait to be re-tested. Hope I can get some as colourful as yours!

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