This week hasn’t gone to plan…

This week hasn’t gone to plan with my workouts but that’s ok because each week is a new week and I still have Saturday and Sunday to get a workout in.

This week I have done cardio work on the exercise bike on Wednesday and then Pilates tonight. My plan was to workout on Monday, Wednesday, Pilates Friday and then Saturday or Sunday but real life got in the way. And I hurt my shoulder on Sunday night and wasn’t able to move it until Wednesday.

I enjoyed Pilates a lot more this week but I’m not sure I will ever work out how to do the Pilates breathing and count at the same time as moving on the in or out breath! It’s too much for my brain to comprehend after a day at work with 4-5 year olds!

Do any of you do Pilates or any other exercise classes as well as running and/or other cardio work?

I hope you have had a more successful week than me.

K x

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