Pilates was interesting…

So tonight I went to my first Pilates session and I didn’t really know what to expect, but went in with an open mind. I’m in the mind set at the moment where I want to challenge myself and try new things so this was the perfect opportunity.

It was clear from the start that the others (apart from my friend and I) had been going for a while to beginners classes and we were the only newbies (which the others didn’t seem to pleased about!)

I will admit now that I am not the most coordinated or flexible person and did find some of the things we did quite tricky to start with – especially when we had to use opposite arms and legs! I gave everything a go and the instructor was really good and helped to move my legs into the correct position if I didn’t have them quite right. I am going for the next 4 weeks as well so I hope by week 5 to be able to see some improvement in how I am doing!

The last few minutes where we lay down and relaxed in silence was bliss and as I am writing this I feel so sleepy – I hope this means a good sleep tonight so I am refreshed and raring to go to the gym tomorrow.

I can feel that I have worked the muscles in my legs and arms and my back hurts a little (but this could be a recurrence of my tight back after an accident).

Have you tried Pilates? How do you stay in shape? Do you just run or do you do different types of cardio as well?

Sleep well

K x

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